WOW Children's Museum

We have visited the WOW (World of Wonder) Children's Museum, in Lafayette CO., a few times this year but this is the first time I managed to get pictures.  I really like this place because it is small and not overly crowded.  I also like that you only have to pay for the young kids, not all the infants, teens and adults in your party, like you have to at most museums.
 Small room where your kids can make their own wood cabin.

 Large pirate ship when you first walk in the door.

Cushioned reading area under pirate ship.
Dress up and dance area.  There is also a big stage.
 Be the center of your own little bubble.

 Fun pulley chairs help teach your kids about gravity and pulley systems.
Fun little market area has a grocery store, a kitchen, and this great tree that your children can gather peaches from.
 Music room has a piano and musical instruments.  It is kept dark for this fantastic instrument.  Your child passes their hand over the lights and it plays the notes.  There is a button that they can push that changes the type of instrument that they hear.  Kind of hard to explain but I love it and want one!
 I do not want to overwhelm this post with more pictures so I will just list off some of the other areas.  Train Station, Bank, Sand Box, Light Reflecting Area, Art and Craft Room, Fan/Wind Room, a Toddler Area, and other small exhibits that change every couple of months.  There are also indoor and outdoor eating areas.
Here is a link if you want more information about the WOW Children's Museum.


  1. Thanks for the nice write up and blog post! We are so glad that you enjoyed your visit to WOW! and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

    Katie MacDonald
    Marketing Director
    WOW! Children's Museum

    1. We will be visiting again soon!