Shaving Cream and Glitter

Kids love the feel of squishing shaving cream.  We play with foam soap or shaving cream often at our house.  On this day I set out the shaving cream (in a tray) and let her pick out glitter.

She picked red, white, and blue.  This would have been a good Independence Day craft (I'll have to remember for next year).  I let her add the glitter on her own but usually have to tell her to stop so that she does not use the whole bottle.
She played with it for awhile.  She enjoyed trying to mix all the glitter into the shaving cream.

Then she requested some glue and paper.  The glue is not necessary but she wanted to add some to her shaving cream/glitter mixture so we did.  Then she used the mixture to paint a couple of pictures.
I love shaving cream play almost as much as she does because it holds her attention for a long time and is easy clean up.

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