Ice Rescue

For a fun alternative for a dinosaur dig I froze her dinosaurs in a big block and brought it out on a hot day.  I put the ice block in a tray on the porch and told her that her mission was to rescue the dinosaurs.

First she started with a hammer but it was too slow for her taste so she asked for something that would work faster.

I brought her a bottle of hot water and told her to see if it would help.  She was excited to see immediate results and requested another bottle of hot water (and another and another).

She concentrated on one dinosaur at a time.  By the end she was being very careful where she poured the water so that she was only releasing one at a time.
After rescuing all the dinosaurs she had a tray full of water.  First she asked for soap to give her dinosaurs a bath.  A little while later she requested her chair so that she could relax with her feet in the water.

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