Reading, Counting, and Money

This is a fun activity that I came up with to help my daughter practice her reading, counting, and money skills all at the same time. She loves this hands-on activity.
I wrote simple words on the her plastic eggs. 
She must sound out the word and say it correctly before she can open the egg.

I filled 10 eggs with 10 pennies each.  As she read the words, opened the eggs, and collected her pennies I had her place them on her hundreds chart.  She would read each number as she placed a penny on it.  When she collected 100 pennies we discussed that 100 pennies made one dollar.  We moved her pennies to the side and went to work on the last two eggs.

I filled the last two eggs with five dimes each.  We discussed that dimes are worth 10 pennies.  As she collected the dimes she placed them on her hundreds chart in the tens spot.  When she collected her ten dimes we discussed how they equaled one dollar also.  We talked about how it only takes 10 dimes to make one dollar but it takes 100 pennies because they are worth less.
She did such a good job with this game, especially since we were connecting a bunch of fairly new concepts.  We played twice and then she asked if she could be done and put her money in her piggy bank.  We will definitely be doing this activity again.  I have a number of ideas of things to add to this activity- sight words, nickels, quarters, counting without the number chart, etc.

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