Black Light Insects

In case you didn't know, Safari has a glow in the dark insect toob (purchase here on amazon).  We have been having a lot of fun playing in the dark with these creepy crawlies.  Our favorite thing to do with them is to add them to our neon sand box and turn on the black light.
My daughter invited her friend over to play with her glowing bugs.  In the picture she is protecting her pretty insects from his scary looking insects.
As you can see the insects glow great under the black light and you do not have to worry about "recharging" them in the light.

The kids spent a lot of time just burying and digging out their insects.

After a while I gave them a small mirror to use.  They enjoyed having the bugs attack their own reflections.

I also did a post on using glow in the dark stars and planets under the black light.  

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