Black Light Solar System

My daughter enjoys playing with her glow-in-the-dark stars and planets but they do not glow for very long and she has to "recharge" them a lot.  So we tried them with the black light.  Problem solved!  They glow great and there is no need to take breaks and turn the lights back on to "recharge".

Here is a picture of the planets and stars randomly spread out on her table.  We did put the planets in order but I must of forgot to take a picture. 
We spent more time talking about planets and solar systems than ever before because we didn't have to take breaks.  The planets held her attention longer and she was able to learn more.  Wish I would have thought about this when we first started learning about planets.

My son got in on the action as well. He loved the glowing star.  He was waving it around so much that I was worried he might poke his eye out.  His smiles kept me from taking it away though.  He just looked so proud of his star.

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