Upcycled Wind Chimes

My daughter saw a show on tv that explained how to make wind chimes out of a pan and some spoons.  She immediately wanted to try to make her own wind chimes.  I tried to get her to use different materials for her chimes but she insisted that they be made out of a thin round pan and small spoons.  So we went to the Goodwill where she found a pan she liked.  Then we ran to the Dollar Store and picked up a pack of 4 spoons.
Daddy drilled holes in the spoons for us.  My daughter helped thread the twine through the holes as I tied the knots (great fine motor practice).

She also helped measure how long the strings needed to be.

She wanted to hang them up outside as soon as we were done.  Since it was quite cold that day we did not hang the chimes where we planned too.  We just put them on a hook that was already attached to the eves of the house.  The hook happened to be just above her slide so we hung them up for a minute and let her ring them as she went down the slide. 
Note- As soon as she rang them a couple times the chimes were moved away from the slide for safety reasons.  They now hang in a special spot she picked and she uses a stick to ring them when she wants.


  1. Very adorable little child. Good to know that she is interested in art that early. It develops her creativity and even enhances her imagination to be competent enough for school. :)
    - TheBestofChimes.com

    1. She is very creative and loves doing all kinds of art projects.