Just Another Day

Just for fun I thought I would give you all a look at what my house looks like at about 3pm.  3pm is clean up time because my husband gets off work at 4pm. 
This was an especially messy fun day because my daughter used the entire container of buttons to decorate for a party her ponies were having. 
Note- she does clean them up without too much hassle or she would not be allowed to dump them all out.
This week she decided to throw a "Welcome Home From Work" party for Daddy.  I watched her as you decorated the floor with flower petals, flower shaped gems, colorful sticks and even some of her toob animals.  I greeted my husband at the door and spent a couple minutes talking before we walked into the living room to see his surprise.  In the couple minute time frame she dumped the jar full of confetti around the whole room too (we will not be doing that again because Whoa! what a mess and she insisted on saving it all and not vacuuming it up.).
So yes my house looks like a tornado hit it most of the day but my daughter is learning that she is responsible for cleaning up after herself and usually has everything in order before Daddy walks in the door.
As her brother gets older and starts moving around we will obviously need to make adjustments.  I am trying to figure out the best area to let her play with little items such as buttons and gems. 

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  1. Haha, what a creative little princess! And she's also adorable for greeting her dad such a cute welcome.
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