Play Together

Row, Row, Row Your Boat-
Play is important! 
Even the activities that do not seem to have an educational element help your child learn and grow. 
For example-
My daughter wanted to row a boat with daddy.  My husband, being the amazing father he is, squeezed into her boat and started singing merrily.

What are some of the things that happened during this 5 minute playtime experience.
1. Grace got practice recalling the lyrics to a popular song- Row, Row, Row Your Boat
2. She learned that you have to row on both sides of the boat or you go in circles
     (a 5 second lesson during song break).
3. She gained confidence by coming up with a fun game that the whole family enjoyed
     (I could not squeeze in the boat but enjoyed taking photos and singing along).
4. Most importantly our family grew closer together as we joined into play together. 
It is amazing how play can bring everyone closer together.  Family dinners are important for bonding but if you really want to see family relationships grow- PLAY TOGETHER!  You and your spouse's relationship will benefit as much as you and your child's.

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