Animal Addition

My daughter loves playing math games with her little animals.  Here is an example of how we use her animals and flash cards to practice addition.

I have her tell me the first number. "Four" and then she can pick out four animals to put on the left side of the card.  Then I have her tell me the second number. "Two" So she picks out two animals to put on the right side of the card.  Then I read it as an equation, "Four plus two equals"  and then she counts the animals and tells me the total.  Then I write it in.  I am working on trying to get her to write it in but she is very picky about how her writing looks so for now she only wants to trace her letters and numbers. 

Adapt this addition game to your child's interests.  Even though she enjoys using her animals I still try and switch it up on occasion.  We have used My Little Ponies, Balls, Cars, Rocks, Jewels, Markers, and even snack foods that she can eat after (bonus eating them and recounting is a fun way to introduce subtraction).
Remember it is meant to be a game that introduces math in a fun way.  If it does not hold your child's attention or is frustrating to them then they will not learn it.  Make it FUN!

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