Water + ramps + tray = fun

We have had a ramp (plastic gutter) on the side of our shed for a couple years.  Now that my daughter is getting bigger we added a second ramp and a gutter drop (yeah, I'm not sure what to call it).  She has spent a lot of time playing with the ramps.  She likes to test how fast things roll down the "ramp course".  Lately, she is interested in finding odd shaped things and testing to see if they can roll all the way down.  When things get stuck she usually pushes them the rest of the way with her hands or uses the hose.  Here are some pictures.

Washing the ramps

Filling the tray with water

"That's cold"

Tiger family (and adopted leopard) using the rocks to walk through the water.  She used the hose to push the baby tigers down the ramps but I missed getting pictures.

Playing swimming tigers and cooling off her feet

Water + ramps + tray = fun!

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