Puzzle step-by-step

It is important for kids to play with different kinds of puzzles.  It improves their problem solving skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness.  The more types of puzzles they are given to play with the less likely they will become bored with puzzles.  My daughter has also taught me that puzzles can help children learn sequencing and how to explain things in a step-by-step fashion.

This is a small soccer ball toy my mom bought for my daughter from one of those little $.25 machines.  My daughter immediately discovered that she could take it apart.  I was amazed when she was able to put it back together with no complications.  I asked her to show me how she did it so I could take pictures.  I really thought that she would just race through putting it together as I snapped shots of her completing it.  Instead, she surprised me by pausing after every step and even directing me on when to take pictures.

Step 1- All the pieces 

Step 2- Start with the ends

I took this picture of her in the process of finishing step 3 and my daughter calmly said, "Mom it's not time for the picture."  Oh, I'm sorry!

Step 3- "Now you can take the picture Mom."  All but the pins

 Step 4- Completion "Take a picture. It's done."
Not only was she able to dismantle and assemble this puzzle ball quickly but she was also able to logically think through the step-by-step process so that she could demonstrate to others how to solve the problem.  This is not a skill that we have ever worked on but is something that she has picked up as we have spent time working on different types of puzzles.

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