Children's Museum

The Denver Children's Museum-  We have only visited twice but my daughter loves it so much that we just purchased a membership so I am sure we will be visiting on a regular basis now.  There are a number of different rooms that all have their own theme- Fire Station, Grocery Store, Train Station, Bubbles, Nature Zone, and Construction.  There are also an art studio where your child can paint and get messy, a dress up area, music/dance area, a puppet theater, and a large magnetic board area full of letter, word, and shape magnets. 

They also have rotating exhibits.  The first time we went, January of 2011, the rotating exhibit was a Vet's Office.  This last time, February of 2012, it was a Physic's lab with wind tunnels and plane launchers.

A large part of the first floor is dedicated to the really young children.  It is designed for the infants and toddlers in mind.  There are cushioned areas to sit, places to let babies crawl, and play structures that are easy for young toddlers to climb on.

Here are some pictures from our first visit right before my daughter turned 2.

Baby/Toddler Area Slide

Rubbing plates in the Nature Area

Watching bubbles

Playing Trains
Dressing up in the music/dance area
Fire station dress up
Driving the fire truck

Here is a link to the Denver Children's Museum-

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