Butterfly Pavilion

The Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, Colorado is another great field trip idea.  You can wonder through a large room full of different types of butterfly's.  You can get up close and really examine them when they land on branches next to the walkway and even on the walkway itself.  There is a room full of other interesting insects and spiders (luckily these are all in cages).  Another room has starfish and other little sea creatures.  My daughter's favorite area is the large playroom.  There are large 3d insect puzzles, insect rubbing plates, a climbing structure that looks like a section of a bee hive, and more.  They do story time in the butterfly area on a regular basis but we have not been so I'm not sure when it is or for how long it lasts.

We have only visited once, shortly after my daughter turned two.  I really enjoyed it and my daughter loved the play area and sea life room but at the time she was scared to get too close to any of the butterflies.  She would get upset when the butterflies landed on the walkway in front of her and would turn around and go the other way.  So as much as she liked the playroom and other areas I cannot bring myself to pay admission if she will not even walk through the butterfly area.  Now that she just turned three I think we will try and take her again (One of her little friends has a membership and goes all the time so hopefully she will get caught up in excitement with him).

Here are a few pictures from our visit.


Sea Life

Sea Life

Walkway in Butterfly Area

Walkway Again

Play Area Activity

3D Ant Puzzle


Climbing Structure that looks like Bee Hive

Here is a link to the Butterfly Pavilion- http://www.butterflies.org/

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