Water Play- Frog Life Cycle

My daughter saw a package of figures that demonstrated the life cycle of the frog and had to have it (she even counted out her pennies).  We purchased them from Micheal's but you can order them here on amazon. 
We love all of our Safari Toob figures but these are our current favorite.  She really likes that she can pretend she is taking care of an egg that slowly matures into a full grown frog.  She also enjoys that she can pretend to be the mommy frog that has to take care of a big kid tadpole, 2 little kid tadpoles, and baby eggs.
She is learning so much just by playing with these figures. 
We got some books about frogs from the library.  I set up the sink for water play.  She played while I read the books.  Sometimes, she acted out what I read in the book incorporating the new things she was learning about frogs.

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