Sprinkler Fun

My daughter is so lucky that she has the Daddy she has.  He is so much fun, encourages her curiosity, and helps her live out her dreams.  I try to be fun and laid back but I often find myself thinking about the amount of clean up that will have to be done before I agree to let her do something she is asking. 
For example- Running through a sprinkler in the park. 
She really wanted to run through the sprinkler and my first thought was no because we were on our way back to the car and I did not want her to be soaked.  Daddy however immediately said yes and just shrugged and smiled at me when I gave him a look. 
Not only was he willing to let her run through the sprinklers but he was willing to accompany her when she got a little scared about running that far away from us.  If it would have just been me and my daughter and I had said "yes you can run through the sprinklers" but she was too scared I am sure that we would have been heading back to the car nice and dry because I would not have been willing to sit in wet jeans for the car ride.  Luckily Daddy is willing to sacrifice comfort to bring his little girl's dreams to life (also willing to carry her Tinkerbell backpack).  Here are some fun pictures. 
After running through a couple times with Daddy, she started running around by herself.  She tried running under the streams, avoiding the streams, and jumping over them.  She even tried to closely inspect how the sprinklers work.
What joy my daughter would have missed out on if Daddy would not have been willing to say yes or participate in her adventure.  I learn so much by watching my husband interact with our daughter.

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