Paper Mache Globe

Let's celebrate Earth Day, April 22nd, with a post about making a paper mache globe.

 Daddy was really excited for this project. 
My daughter and husband decided to do the messy part but of course I ended up covered in glue by the end so there are only a few pictures from the beginning of the project.  I also forgot to take pictures of the painting part but at least I got a final shot.
Note- If you have never paper mached before just know that it can get messy but it's worth it. 
Here is what we did. 
1. Blow up balloon. We tried to get it as round as possible
2. Mix Elmer's glue and water in a bucket.  Close to a 1:1 ratio but I didn't measure 
Tip- Do it an a disposable bucket to save yourself some clean up time
3. Cut newspaper (any kind of paper works) into about 1 inch strips
4. Dip a strip of paper into the glue mixture
5. Coat evenly and removing excess glue by running it through your fingers
6. Lay the strip on the balloon
7. Repeat (A lot) making sure to lay pieces in different directions and cover all the balloon
8.  Hang up to dry- make sure you have a drip pan underneath
9. Once dry (Will take at least a day) use a marker to free hand the continents
10. Set up a paint station with blue and green paint
Tip:We painted all the water first and let it dry for an hour before painting the land
We were out of dark green and my daughter was too impatient to put on two coats of light green.
11. Let dry and then enjoy your handmade globe

Happy Earth Day!
If anyone makes a globe I would love to see links to pictures and posts.

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