Black Light Table Toys 2

Here is a look at some of the fun we have been having with our black light.

My aunt bought some black light fingernail polish for my daughter.  The left hand is pink and glows really well.  The right hand is green and glowed a little.  Such an easy way to add more fun to play time.

These butterflies are hair clips that I found in the party supply section of the Dollar Store.  The sand in the middle is yellow.  It came in a multi-pack from Micheal's.

This is orange sand that also came in the multi-pack.  The neon test tubes are from the Dollar Store and the neon shot glasses are from Walmart.

The small beads came together in a package.  The larger pink flowers came in a pack that included more colors but they were the only ones that glowed under the black light.  Both were purchased at the Dollar Store.

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