Bath Math

My daughter loves bath time!  Everything becomes more fun when she is splashing around in the water.  I like to introduce new concepts and review previously learned concepts while in the bath.  I find it especially helpful to work on concepts she is having trouble with while in the bath.
Here are a couple pictures of "Bath Math".
This picture is from when she was learning to identify numbers 0-10 and put them in the correct order.  I love to use these foam bath numbers.  They easily stick to the side of the tub and they float  so she can easily scan the top of the water to find the number she needs.
(Bath numbers were bought at Target).
Here is a picture of what we are currently working on.  She is able to count to 100 almost independently now but is having a little trouble identifying larger numbers.  So we made a "Bath Math" game.  She randomly chooses two numbers and puts them together on the side of the tub.  Then she chooses two more and puts them on the wall together leaving a space between the last number set.  She tries reading the numbers by herself and then uses a bath crayon to draw a greater than or less than sign between the numbers.  For some reason she loves doing greater than or less than problems so adding that element after reading the numbers makes it fun for her.  After she has solved that problem she makes waves high enough to knock the numbers down and then starts again.
I love that I will be able to keep doing "Bath Math" for a long time.  These foam numbers will still come in handy in the next two years as my daughter learns larger numbers, place value, decimals, etc.

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