Shapes in Water

The more opportunities your child has to interact with shapes the faster they will learn them.  You should be pointing out shapes of every day objects as you go about your business.  Seeing shapes pointed out in their environment helps children learn that shapes are important. 
The best way for your child to learn or name shapes is by having opportunities to explore the shapes through touch.  Shape puzzles and sorters are great for this.
Another thing I suggest is using shapes during bath or water play time.  For a lot of children bath time is one of the most laid back and easy times to learn because they do not feel pressured.  Learning quickly becomes a game for children as soon as you add water.
So grab some shapes from around your house and put them in the bath with your child tonight.  Or grab a large bowl of water and throw some shapes in for some fun sensory play during the day (we like to add a little bit of dish soap to create bubbles). 
If you do not have any waterproof shape toys look around the house for everyday objects that can be put in the tub with your child.  Or cut some shapes out of foam sheets that can be picked up cheap in the craft section of most stores.

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