Christmas Present

Here is a look at my daughter's Christmas present. 

We built her a new table with some fun features. 
It is a simple 2' x 4' frame with a light hood attached underneath and interchangeable table tops.  We insert fluorescent lights and add a frosted piece of plexi-glass to use it as a light table.  We use black light bulbs and clear plexi-glass to create a black light table. 
We also bought some "Lite-Brite" pegs that we could use in a peg board top but sadly the pegs go right through the holes (I'm not sure if I got the wrong type of pegs.  I have seen a number of blog posts sharing this idea so I know it can be done.  I will have to research and experiment some.).
I plan to buy some Lego plates and create a Lego table top that can be placed over the plexi-glass. 
I am still trying to figure out the best way to organize all of the toys/markers/etc. that will be used on the table.  Maybe a set of divided drawers set next to the table.  I will post some pictures once we finally get organized.
For a better look at how we built the table and to see the other tops check out this post.

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