Zoo Lights

Here are a few pictures from our trip to the Denver Zoo holiday lights display.  If you have the chance to go I recommend it.  Just make sure to bundle up and get there early.
For some reason this image is sideways.  I'm not sure why because when I download it the image is upright.  Oh well, you get the point.  Fun lights that make good picture frames if you can get your little one to stand still long enough.

Here we are posing after seeing Santa.  She looks happy doesn't she? 
She was too busy eating a candy cane to smile.

This is one of our favorite sections because it has a bunch of sea animals.

This was my favorite tree.  The green and purple lights faded out at different times.  So you could watch the tree go from green to green and purple to just purple.  She loved it because purple is her favorite color and green is daddy's favorite.
Here is a link to information about the Denver Zoo lights.

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