Where do they live?

I was going through some fabric and my daughter asked if she could play with the blue minky fabric.  I let her have it and a little while later I checked and found her playing with her stingray and turtle.  She told me "they are in the ocean". 
I asked if she wanted to find some other fabric that she could use for her land animals.  She went through everything.  She picked out a really fuzzy brown for mud and a flowery table runner for a meadow.

She placed her animals in the area where they live.  Tiger, cat, unicorn, and horse are in the meadow.  Her dog named mud-puddle is in the mud.  And stingray and turtle are in the ocean.
We spent some time talking about the difference between the animals and why some of them live in the ocean while others live on the land.  We discussed the differences in characteristics and how most land animals could not live in the water and vice verse.  We also talked briefly about amphibians but did not have any stuffed animals to use as an example. 
What a great teaching lesson that started with my daughter just playing with extra material.

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