Musical Wrenches

What kid doesn't like to make music or noise in general?

My daughter loves to make everything into a musical instrument.  While we were rearranging furniture to make room for the new baby she grabbed all the wrenches and started playing songs for us.
I plan to make a outdoor music area this coming spring.  I am currently trying to come up with lots of fun ideas.  If you have an outdoor music area or any ideas please share them.


  1. Brake drums of different sizes make great instruments. Play them with a lightweight hammer. You should be able to find them free at a junkyard.

    1. Thank you Kim. I have never heard this idea before. I will have to talk my husband into making a trip to the junk yard this spring.

    2. I had a music teacher friend who got brake drums of different sizes that were "tuned" to different pitches to form a scale.