Making Puppets

We organized all of our winter stuff today and we found a couple gloves and a mitten that were missing mates.  Instead of trashing them I decided to pull out some crafting supplies and let my daughter make puppets. 
I pulled out a bag of yarn scraps, a tub of buttons, googly eyes, scissors, and a hot glue gun (I help with gluing, mostly because I'm a control freak, but I'm sure she could do it without burning herself).  She had complete say on what they would look like.
Here are her puppets! "The pink and white ones are silly and the black one is a monster!"

We are learning about the human body right now so during this project we spent time talking about facial features, our senses, and hair growth.  I also asked questions such as, "Would having four eyes, like your monster, be better?  How?"  Her favorite thing that we talked about is that there are no bones in your nose or ears.  I told her "Our ears and noses are made of cartilage."  and she excitedly yelled, "Like a shark!"  It's so fun to see the learning connections she is starting to make.

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