Halloween Activities

Pumpkin Decorating
We bought a medium size craft pumpkin from Micheal's and a bag of Halloween stickers.  First, we painted the pumpkin black.  Second, we covered the pumpkin with silver, glitter spray paint.  Third, We added the glitter Halloween stickers we had bought.
Corn Maze Fun
We had lots of fun at the corn maze with Grandpa and Grandma.  I found a place that had a mini maze for kids, a petting zoo, and pony rides.  While there, we picked out a large pumpkin for carving and a bunch of little pumpkins for some other crafts.
Carving Pumpkins
We took our large pumpkin over to my parents house and Grandpa helped my daughter carve her pumpkin (meaning she picked the design and Grandpa did all the work).  She did not want to touch the guts of the pumpkin but I was able to get her to play a counting game with the seeds.  Thank you to Grandpa for the wonderful pumpkin carving.
Here is my daughter with her Jack-O'Lantern, baby pumpkins, and pumpkin lights.
Pumpkin Painting and Glitter
She had picked out a bunch of small pumpkins at the corn maze.  We had her friend come over and paint a couple with her.  When they got done painting they added glitter.
Halloween Sensory Box
Includes- Green and Purple Pony Beads, Glow in the Dark Snakes, Glitter Stickers, and
Confetti (skulls, spider webs, bats, and jack o'lantern)
Light Projector Fun
We decided to make a scary scene on the light projector today. 
 She said it should have a spider in it. 
This is what we came up with. 
We used her felt shapes to build a house, I drew the spider web, and she placed one of her spider stickers (back still on) in the web.
Skeleton Puzzle
I went onto Google images and searched for a skeleton building activity.  I printed off this skeleton and cut it out.  Instead of building it and pinning it together we used it as a puzzle all week.  I plan on laminating it so that we can have a skeleton puzzle for our Human Body study.

Shaving Cream and Confetti
My sister-in-law sends my daughter cards for every holiday and usually there is confetti in the envelope.  We use this confetti for lots of different things- art project, sensory bins, etc.  Here are a couple quick pictures of what we did with the Halloween confetti this week.

A tray full of shaving cream is fun but add sparkly, themed confetti and you make it awesome.
Thank you to Aunt Jenny for all the great cards and confetti.

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