Pool Fun!

Pool time fun with 3 year-olds! 
My daughter is lucky enough to live across the street from her best friend who is only 6 months older than her so we get to invite him over whenever we come up with a fun new idea.  I was filling up the pool for my daughter when she asked if she could have balloons.  I started adding water balloons and she kept picking out other things she wanted.  By the time we had everything together it looked like too much fun to enjoy it by ourselves so we went and got her friend. 

Different size water balloons

Scoops, spray bottles, containers, boats, and ponies (of course) 

Foam Soap 
(Sadly, I missed getting any pictures of them playing with this)

Scooping and Pouring

"If you hold your cup close to my pourer you get more water." 

Balloon drop

Conversation about balloon drop. 
"The big balloons make better splashes!" "Yeah and when you put them high at your head."

They stayed busy until it was time for daddy to come home.  When he called to say he was on the way we developed a plan of attack.  The kids hid the water balloons behind their backs and waited at the gate for the perfect moment.  The balloons were really tough but daddy was a good sport and stood there fearfully as they threw each balloon multiple times. 

Note: I did warn dad to leave all his electronics in the car because there was a surprise awaiting him.

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