Play is messy!

Sometimes play is just about making a mess!

Most kids love making a mess.  Scattering things across the floor, rolling in the mud, and painting on themselves is just so exciting.  Remember that while they are making these messes they are learning and having fun.

It really is okay if your child ends up with blue stained hands for a couple of days.  They will think its funny.  As a bonus you can use this time to teach them better hand washing techniques because they will easily be able to see the areas that they miss scrubbing.  Who says that you cannot learn about cleanliness while getting dirty?

If the thought of walking around with a child with marker covered arms scares you than make sure to only use washable markers and wash it off right away.  Tip- Keep baby wipes handy so that you can wipe off the marker while they are still working on their project.

Remember that kids will make a mess so prepare your space accordingly.  Most parents wouldn't dream of letting their child do a massive paint project in the living room but instead of having them miss out on big messy projects during the winter learn to relax a little.  Cover the floor with plastic sheeting or a table cloth and only use washable paint/supplies.  I'm sure that a little washable paint is not the worst thing we all have had to clean out of the carpet.


  1. we love messy play, its an important part of learning and experiencing the world. Thanks for sharing this. I'm pinning it on the Sunday Parenting Party Pinterest board

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for pinning!