I love, love, love the Denver Zoo.  I loved it as a child and I love watching my daughter love it.  They have added some great exhibits over the years and have created a lot more hands-on learning opportunities.  I am really excited for the new Asian Tropics Section to open up later this year.  If you live in Colorado or are planning to visit the zoo is an absolute must.

Here are some my favorite things about the Denver Zoo.

Hands-on learning- many areas through out the zoo have these touch and feel boards that are at good level for preschoolers.  There are also life size animal statues placed around some of the exhibits.  My daughter loves pointing out the fake lizard and turtle sunning themselves on the rocks.

Underwater viewing-  There are underwater viewing spots at the Polar Bear and Sea Lion exhibits.  It is hard to catch the Polar Bears in the water but we usually make the trip down to the underwater viewing area anyway so that we can get a picture of our daughter next to the life size polar bear.

She is just waiting for the day that she will be tall enough for his hand to touch her head.  So Cute!

Hippo Play Structure- great place to take pictures and let some energy out.  Daddy likes it also.

Animal statues- also great picture opportunities

Here is a link to the Denver Zoo website- http://www.denverzoo.org/

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