Name on the Wall

This is such an easy way to help your child start recognizing letters.

Spell out your child’s name in block letters on the wall near there changing table.  You can even paint their name directly on the wall (I recommend using capital letters).  After every diaper change hold your child up or let them stand on the table (with you holding them of course) so that they can point to the letters.
Point to each letter as you name it and then say their name.  Example J-A-N-E Jane.  They will quickly learn that those letters on the wall spell their name.

Your child will soon start pointing to the letters for you to spell out.  They love to mix it up and point to them out of order.  This is great because they are actually learning the letter name instead of just memorizing the letter order.  As they get more verbal they will start trying to say the letter name as each letter is pointed too.  Encourage them to spell their name in order and out of order.  Only say their name after it has been spelled correctly that way they learn that the order of letters are important in word formation.

How does this simple task help your child learn to recognize letters?

This simple fun game teaches your child that their name is made up of individual letters and that each letter has a name.  Your child will then be able to understand that every word is made up of letters and they will begin pointing out letters they recognize in different words.

Teaching them the letters in their name is easiest because they love learning about themselves.  Once they have learned the letters that make up their name you can encourage them to find those letters in other words.
After they have mastered their name letters you should start introducing more letters.  You can do this by putting a new word on the wall or playing some of the other letter recognition games.

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