House Painting becomes Early Writing Activity

My husband brought home a large box and cut a door and windows in it.  After a few weeks my daughter asked if she could paint her house and of course I said yes.  I put down a drop cloth,  filled up an egg carton with six different colors of paint and I handed her an assortment of brushes.  She started out my painting a little bit of color on every side.  Then she started drawing lines.  She looked at me and said "Look mommy, I did H".  She went on to make an I and then a bunch of O's (Who doesn't want a house covered in O's?).  She was having so much fun painting her house that I was able to encourage her early writing attempts. Examples- "That's a nice O can you make a Q?" "That's a long line, can you make it look like a T?" 

After a while she got tired of painting letters and decided it was time to paint her hands and feet (none of my daughter's painting sessions are complete until she had managed to paint at least one body part).  After the house was dry (and she took a bath) I gave her a couple sheets of stickers to stick all over.  This was great for working her fine motor skills.

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